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Whites Need To Get THE BIG PICTURE (By Phillip Marlowe).

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Whites Need To Get THE BIG PICTURE (By Phillip Marlowe). Empty Whites Need To Get THE BIG PICTURE (By Phillip Marlowe).

Bericht van Johan op zo aug 12, 2018 5:55 pm

Imagine in your head taking out a piece of paper or a legal pad. At the top, put 100 and draw a line under it. Below that, put 70, a space, then 20, then 10. Under that row, put blacks, a space, Hispanics or Illegal Mestizos (mostly these), then a space with Whites, Asians, Jews, other (often the brainwashers will roll Hispanic and Mestizo numbers into the White category to lessen the disparity with blacks).

That’s the approximate breakdown of crime in America. Any kind of crime. Homicides, rape, molestation, burglary (blacks commit even more numbers for that). But the media and Internet webpages of the media (like MSN, USA Today) show the exact opposite situation. In other words, they report mostly White crime. Lately, they’ve been putting up black crime stories here and there, but they never did this just a few years ago. Don’t tell me, I know. The Internet has now forced them to mix it up a little so we don’t glom onto the schtick. This scam on Whites has been going on FUH-evah.

Another thing they are doing is elevate any crime committed by Whites to National News prominence. I saw a piece the other day in USA Today, where some foolish party girl ran a stop sign down in Texas. Didn’t hit anyone. But she had a couple of wine coolers and the cops found a little weed in the car. A dangerous White criminal to be sure (picture below). What really got the anti-White brainwashing media worked up is her telling cops she was a “very clean, thoroughbred white girl.” A possibly supremacist, “privileged” White chick. Oh God no. The horror. The horror.

You got to understand something very, very important here: What they are doing is what is called “PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT.” How people see and view the world.

The brainwashers are MOLDING Whites perceptions on the macro, “mass population” level. In fact, you can’t even find a single big media outlet that exposes black criminal behavior. They can’t allow it.

You can even spot the liberal “spin” they put into various political stories or what’s recently came out about the Pissgate Dossier, where Obama and Hillary people used the FBI and National Intel to “rat-f**k” Trump. As they say in Wisconsin, they work to put the “KEEBOB” on anything that goes against democrats and the liberal agenda. And they definitely don’t want us to start question “DIVERSITY.”

Even the so-called conservative FOX news works to protect this ruinous, failed agenda against White people in our own lands. Just watch how they carefully toe the multicult agenda in their reports and commentary. They always say something like “it’s not a race thing” and use blacks onscreen who spout the proper line.

The brainwashers working to destroy us want to keep as many Whites clueless as possible. “SOMNOLENT” is a good word to describe it. Somnolent means keeping us in a drowsy, uncaring way — before it’s too late.

This is “THE WHY” you have White “CUCKS” elevated to high status jobs in the media and politics, etc.

If the little guy sees others of his race toeing the PC line and getting places, they are going to do the same. It’s the HERD INSTINCT in action. The traitors usually don’t know, are too chicken-sh*t, or perhaps don’t even care about what they are doing to the White race, in general.

This is “THE WHY” you have Whites wildly castigated all over the press for the smallest and most inane comments that goes against the “PC” line.

They have to keep us afraid to speak out in any way, shape or form. Hell, even Thanksgiving dinners with family is fraught with PC dangers. Everyone knows it.

This is also “THE WHY” these people can freely make the decision to bring down our White heritage and substitute black actors in historical White roles.

They know if you say anything about any of it, they’ll just scream “RAYSIS” all over the media!

Us Whites are totally getting it from both ends.

They surely don’t want us Whites to get it about blacks. They’ve been protecting this violent, criminal, worthless bunch from the start. Absolutely.

Blacks shoot each other in the streets like crazy. Every single, lousy day. Look at Chicago on weekends. It’s like a war zone in the streets. Last weekend alone 70 were shot, with 11 fatalities. Same kind of thing happens in all American cities wherever blacks live. I say here all the time blacks will shoot you dead over chicken bones and it’s true: I’ve read of several stories where precisely that happened.

They run and fight back with cops all the time for the smallest of infractions. Even the women. They don’t care — everything wrong is always, always because of us “RAYSIS” Whites. They’ve been programmed by Jewish media for years to hate our race. Just look at some of the movies out of Hollywood, for crying out loud.

They viciously and brutally murder White people all the time. Ask yourself: How many times have you heard a story of a gang of White teens breaking into the home of frail, elderly black women and gang-raping them before they bludgeon or beat her to death with their fists? Like never. Happens all the time to our White mothers and grandmothers. Believe me.

Just look at the nightly news. Anytime a black gets plugged by the cops, we have to hear about it. Even when the black criminal has a pistol and may well have threatened the cop in some way not observable in the surveillance video they play over and over. We’re always made to believe it’s because of race. Notice how they never say the race when reporting crime. But the moment a WHITE cop does something, they tell us his race. Whenever a WHITE in general does something, they put their mug shot front and center so we know they are White without them having to say it in the copy. Capiche?

They’ve clearly been using the good graces and sense of fair play of us Whites against ourselves. No doubt about it. Apparently, there is ZILCH we can ever do to please these people. We’re to blame for everything. They will not be happy until we’re a spat-upon minority and eventually bred away.

Yep, just stand back and look at the big picture going on, White people. Not really all that hard to see.

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