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Australian Senator Fraser Anning Rightly Calls for a “Final Solution” — TRANSCRIPT

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Australian Senator Fraser Anning Rightly Calls for a “Final Solution” — TRANSCRIPT

Bericht van Johan op zo aug 19, 2018 7:21 pm

Fraser Anning, a new Senator in Australia, delivers a stunningly commonsense maiden speech declaring that Australia needs a “final solution” to the immigration crisis that is flooding Australia with non-Whites.

That solution is not the fake “gas chambers” imagery that the jewish controlled screeching media tries to conjure up with his “final solution” term, but simply a referendum asking ordinary Aussies whether they want their country transformed into something unrecognizable with mass non-White immigration, or NOT!

His political goals are:

* to break the oligopoly power of the banks;

* to get a better deal for working families and farmers;

* to achieve major infrastructure development in Far North and Western Queensland;

* to reduce immigration levels and restrict entry to those who will best assimilate;

* to restore personal freedom and free speech;

* to make affordable home ownership a national priority;

* to counter the growing threat of China both outside and within Australia;

* to slash runaway government spending and, with it, taxes on productive enterprises;

* to build coal-fired power stations to return us to the cheapest power in the world;

* to slash the regulatory burden that is crippling the general aviation industry; and;

* to take back our culture from the left-wing extremists.

If you were to ask a similar type of question to the inhabitants of India, China, Korea, Japan, various African countries, etc., whether they wanted their countries flooded with racial and cultural aliens, they would all resoundingly answer NO!

It is only in White countries under total jewish media control, that such a question is forbidden, because (((they))) know that the answer would also be a resounding NO!

Fraser Anning has demonstrated with his speech, if not in deed, that he is putting real Aussies, Whites, first, rather than being a toady to an (((alien force))) that is out to destroy White countries throughout the world. Let’s hope he carries through his rhetoric with real action.

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Re: Australian Senator Fraser Anning Rightly Calls for a “Final Solution” — TRANSCRIPT

Bericht van Gast op zo aug 19, 2018 8:10 pm

Deze man gebruikt zijn hersens, dat kunnen we hier niet zeggen, van onze politicie, hier zijn het jodenkonten kussers!


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