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Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’

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Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’ Empty Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’

Bericht van Johan op za jul 07, 2018 5:53 pm

Where did it all begin?
Through out history one can see that the Boers were always somewhat ‘wild of heart’ from the ‘Groot trek’ to the Boer wars, Apartheid, Angola border war and in 1994 the resistance by numerous right wing organizations against the onslaught by communism.

Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’ AWB-Ystergarde-1

First one should have a better idea of what it was like for a white man in Apartheid SA?
The South African government made sure that all European men participated in pro –nationalistic activities. It started at school. One day every week all boys had to wear military like uniforms and were taught how to ‘march’ military style by male teachers who all had military experience. Thus at a young age were introduced to a ‘military’ type environment. Sharp shooting was promoted under sport target shooting and was also sponsored by the SA military. Do not compare this with American boy scouts because it was nothing alike. At the time capital punishment was the norm of the day and there was nothing wrong with getting a hiding (usually with a cane) in front of many other kids. Of course being a boy one does not want to show the pain (especially in front of the girls) but I have seen many a 16 year old boy cry like a girl. Between the male teachers there usually was an ‘unofficial competition’ to determine who has the most fearsome reputation of giving a hiding. Strict discipline was efficiently enforced.

Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’ AWB-24

By the time young men graduated from high school all knew how to shoot straight and march with military style precision. Results varied from school to school.

After school all men had to complete compulsory military cervices of two years by becoming official ‘state property’ and after that regular follow-up training.
The Angola border war, with the involvement of Russian military advisors, about 50 000 Cuban communist soldiers ETC, ETC produced a large number of SA white men with combat experience. Apartheid South Africa also produced some of the most legendary Special Forces as the Rekkies, 32 Battalion, and 101 Battalion. Many former Selous Scout members from the Rhodesia war participated in the Angola war as well. Apart from all that there also was the South African Police Task Force that was extremely highly regarded.

At the time when the AWB became popular and membership numbers went from thousands to tens of thousands, training of such large numbers became somewhat problematic. Most men were trained in bush warfare but the situation has now changed form bush war to the possible defense of towns and cities, thus an urban environment!!
Now I’m not saying ex-SADF members were incompetent in urban warfare but rather that it was time for new strategies. The main para-military force of the AWB was the ‘Wenkommandoes’ Training was divided in to levels from level1 to 5-being the highest.

Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’ AWB-21

The creation of the Ystergarde.
From within the Wenkommandos, members were invited to try out for the new Ystergarde unit ‘selection course’ that usually consisted of about 3-4 days. On such a selection there might be 200 men trying out but only about 10 would pass. Most candidates were not even able to complete the first day. Only after successfully completion of the selection the training commenced by international instructors from various countries and different back ground. The combination of combat experienced bush war veterans, ex SADF Special Forces members and the introduction of new international standard tactics and training resulted in the success of the Ystergarde. The main purpose of the Ystergarde was as training instructors for the Wenkommandoes. They also became the official protection team for the AWB’s leadership.
Training consisted amongst others, close quarter battle –armed and unarmed, body guarding, Swat team-type hostage rescue and house penetration, vehicle anti-ambush drills, sniping and anti-sniping.
Weapon selection.
At first there was no official standard for handguns but eventually most members selected either Glock’s but also the more ‘old school’ Czechoslovakian CZ 75, most in 9mm. Calibers for sniping and anti sniping varied from .308, 30.06, .270 depending on personal preference. Assault rifles was either ‘old school’ 7.62 FN or 5.56/.223 R4

Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’ AWB-20

It didn’t take long for the Ystergarde to become the most publicized right wing para-military unit in the history of SA. The Ystergarde soon became the ANC’s worst nightmare and the South African police task force’s biggest obstacle ever.
With time the Ystergarde became the Special Force of the AWB. Membership numbers will never be known but was a couple of hundred.

At the time (pre 1994) most Afrikaners believed that the transformation from Christian orientated government to communist should be stopped at all costs. It was never the intention for the Ystergarde to stop the transformation as a single unit. In the time just before the 1994 SA elections some were involved in the bombing campaign as a sigh for the rest of the Afrikaner nation to stand up and for all to resist together. There were also promises made by a former SADF (not an AWB member) General Constant Viljoen that he would ensure official military assistance –that was a lie and never materialized. Constant Viljoen and FW de Klerk became to be the biggest traitors for the Afrikaners
Thus in the end the Ystergarde was sold out by they’re own people.
As for some people criticizing and crying that the Ystergarde was bullies, you can not create such a unit and expect of them to walk around and hand out flowers, hugs and kisses. They were assembled for a purpose and they had a reputation to uphold. Some men are simply anti-Ystergarde because they weren’t able to pass the selection course. Some are jealous because of the fact that the Ystergarde got as much media publicity.

Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’ AWB-23

The Ystergarde was a sign of the spirit of the Boers. Although the unit itself was ‘dismantled’ as the new communist SA came to being, the spirit lives on. Who knows there might be a resurrection of the Ystergarde one day, it may be totally fresh new members under a different name but the spirit will be exactly the same. But for now there are no active members and the Ystergarde does not exist. Most previous members feel that they were betrayed by they’re own people.

The Ystergarde was not the only ‘spirit of the Boers’ it has many forms and is alive and well everywhere in South Africa within many different WN groups.
There will always be different WN with different opinions and likings, maybe we should learn to go by the saying ‘Those who are not against us is for us’

Ystergarde –‘Spirit of the Boers’ 74c8b700e3b74d50a6613cd73b4dac47

All hope for the Boers is not lost.

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